Wink Sirens no longer detected after 28.0 upgrade

So I’ve just upgraded to 28.0 and until the upgrade, sirens brought in from the Wink Hub were listed as switch entities. However, these switches are no longer there. Has configuration changed for these in the upgrade?

Are you talking about the GoCotrol siren/light? I haven’t upgraded yet and have been holding off since I’ve seen a few issues like this and group/entity order being messed up.

Edit: What’s odd is that no change to Wink Support is mentioned in the release notes.

Same. All the other Wink components I have are working. Just not the sirens…

OK, having some MQTT connection issues so I’m probably going to have to reboot the Pi, but when the UI came up I checked and my Siren/Strobe is still there and listed as a switch.

Edit: Did another reboot and switch.siren__strobe is still there. Didn’t check if it is actually turning on as it’s Sunday and neighbors… but state is correct and the device is there.

Maybe try rebooting your Wink Hub, letting it reconnect and then restart your HA instance?

Yeah I tried that. Same issue. Everything shows up but the sirens.

Running out of ideas, here… This may be obvious but did you check your Wink app and see that you’re getting battery states from those sirens?

Yeah lol. First thing I checked. And I can trigger them via Wink. I even tried removing and readding one. Still not being picked up by Home Assistant.

This happens to me on occasion with various Wink devices, restart a few times and it usually shows back up.

So I finally figured out what the issue was. I had a command_line switch that was incorrect after the update that was breaking my other switches, which is why I could see everything from Wink but the sirens.

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