Wink SSL Error

I’ve just stared to receive SSL errors for and none of my wink calls are working. Using a browser says that a secure connection cannot be established.

Is there anything that can be configured to ignore certificate errors?

Looks like wink failed to renew their cert again… This same thing happened two years ago? The library python-wink doesn’t support setting SSL verification off so unfortunately you will need to wait until wink renews the cert.

this nonsense with Wink is getting old, I need a migration plan out of Wink because half my setup is now borked. I need a short term and a long term solution.


What’s even more frustrating is they have a wildcard certificate on * that they could just move over.

I sort of documented what I did here How I migrated from Wink to native HA

I have Lutron dimmers so I just need to sort out that whole bit with a Lutron hub and a USB device to pass back to docker and one that will get enough range where my server rack is located, or another hub that can mimic Wink with local api.

Looks like the cert issue is fixed now, how that company can miss something so trivial is beyond me, API still seems busted.

I’m still seeing issues with my Sensi thermostat.
It actually didn’t turn up the heat this morning at 6am, now it’s 13 1/2 hours later and it’s still not working yet - but I received an email about an hour ago saying (first time ever btw):
“We are currently investigating an issue that is preventing users from logging in or controlling devices in the Wink app.”

The thermostat is the only thing I have connected through Wink, and yes: it’s getting old.
But I don’t have a new one in the budget at the moment :frowning:

Did you reboot your Wink to get it reconnected? My Hub 2 is still slowly flashing blue and not connected.

I did see from SSLchecker that the api site does have a new cert, but oddly, it will expire in 66 days! Why so short?

Thanks for confirming if your hub is actually operational now.

Also, did anyone’s local control of their Wink via HA work satisfactorily during this outage? I was able to turn on some Wink-managed Zwave lights but then they would not turn off from HA.

All I use Wink for is Zwave connectivity and (free) Google voice control, but am going to have to take a hard look at native HA/Zwave now.

EDIT: Oops, sorry - I missed that @geekoftheweek also said that even though the cert has been renewed, “the API is still busted”. Is it true that the last time this happened, people had to send in their hubs to be updated or replaced?

The last time this happened they forgot to update the cert for I think is what it was. It was used by the old quirky wifi devices and at the time the python-wink library also used it. I think you are thinking of the hub firmware update that broke a bunch of devices. That required people to send in their hubs.

Ah, thanks @w1ll1am23 for the clarification about the previous incidents.

So this outage was apparently triggered by an expired cert, but now that Wink had renewed the cert yesterday evening, what is keeping the hub from connecting now I wonder?

Even more worrisome for me is that you are no longer using Wink and further support for this key HA component will be limited at best. The last straw has been reached.

I don’t plan on stopping support as long as people are using it, and Wink is still alive. Having said that, I think people would be crazy to not be at least researching an alternative at this point.

As for why the hub isn’t working I am not sure, probably best to reach out to them on some support channel and see what’s going on there? still shows a major outage.

Yeah, I sure agree with you that we need to research alternatives, asap. Thinking I’ll go with the Aeotec Zwave Gen5 stick. Don’t need Zigbee, but it’s interesting that your choice (HUSBZB-1) is $10 cheaper on Amazon than Aeotec, so it’s worth considering if Zwave support is just as good.

Oh, Wink hubs are reconnecting to the server now. Mine’s working, but somehow have lost Google Assistant link.

Yeah I need to come up with a replacement list, it’s been on my mind for a while but it’s a larger effort. I think Wink is going to have an outage that they just say screw it and never come back. I mean they haven’t stocked devices in eternity and they don’t charge a subscription, so eventually the money will run out. It’s evident they have some serious issues internally.

That said, I’m debating what the real difference is between the Lutron Pro and Lutron smart bridge. It seems the Pro bridge is harder to find right now and I’m not sure exactly what it buys me. I’ve looked at the z-wave dongles, but I worry a bit about the whole open z-wave thing being behind. I’m down to a Vera Hub or possible SmartThings v3. I just want a dumb dumb that I connect o home assistant.

My wink hubs (local and remote) just came online about 10 minutes ago.

@geekoftheweek - I’d like to know more about your concerns with the “open z-wave thing”. Having full local control from HA without an additional hub sounds like the best way to go.

I’m also a long-time Vera user. My VeraPlus just provides connectivity to Zwave and my CADDX security system and is very stable. All automations and UI are via HA and the Vera component. This component works pretty well. The main issue I have with it is incorrectly reporting thermostat set point values in HA which is apparently going to take a major rewrite to fix.

Micasa Vera has a new owner and a LOT of changes are underway, including a couple of very inexpensive hubs, but no telling when the HA Vera component will adapt.

What I want is just a dumb hub, that’s how I use wink. It’s all done via home assistant. Why I haven’t had much pressure to change until the outages.

The pace of open z-wave development. Paulus hit on it a bit on a recent podcast, but basically development hasn’t been very strong lately. I don’t mind spending money on a hub that does it all long as I have local control to home assistant.

I just placed an order for the Lutron hub, amazon had a sale with a dimmer for $80, dimmers are $55 usually so not a bad deal. I already have 14 of them.

By and large, it’s not a big deal if you only buy Z-Wave Plus. Any Z-Wave Plus device will work, even if OZW doesn’t have a config for it.

Development of OZW is slower than of HA, because OZW has one developer, and HA has an army. However, the developer of OZW is trying to work with the HA devs, and the future is looking quite reasonable. Even if that wasn’t the case, Home Assistant has on the roadmap investigating what the other options are.

Fair points. I’m just looking for a rock solid solution, truthfully Wink is great when it works. Does exactly what I need it to do. It’s just I know they are on life support and want an exit strategy sooner rather than later.

I only have a handful of z-wave devices. 3x Locks, 3x Door Sensors, 2x Water Sensors, 1x Dry contact switch, and 2x Outdoor switches.

If you want an external option, have a look at Vera, I’ve heard others speak highly of it, and the integration is local.