Wink Thermostat not appearing in HA

Hi, I just recently set up HA (not on my RPi 2B running stretch lite. It works amazingly, with the exception of my Honeywell Touchscreen Z-Wave thermostat (connected via Wink V1) not appearing anywhere in HA.

I set up with Wink connection to HA using the configurator, so I can’t even find where the wink stuff is within any config files. I have confirmed that the thermostat is appearing in wink@home so I know it is exposed by the api, and tried searching archives for any similar issues, but I haven’t found a thing.

I did try adding a climate:wink node in the config file as a shot in the dark, but nada.

Any thoughts?

Interesting, can you enable debug logs and send me your logs in a PM after a restart?

  default: info
      wink: debug
      pywink.api: debug
      pubnub: debug

Thanks again, I replaced the file and restarted. It seems like the error is gone from the log, but it still doesn’t show up in the list of entities when I look under the devtools>state. I even tried calling the wink service to find new components (even though isn’t technically new), but nothing. I am attaching the new log…home-assistant.yaml (752.4 KB)

It looks like something is wrong with your thermostats JSON data coming from the service. Can you send me the JSON for the device from wink@home?

“object_type”: “thermostat”,
“object_id”: “101163”,
“uuid”: “e9757da9-135e-4635-9bd1-41648a9de833”,
“created_at”: 1451337721,
“updated_at”: 1525872107,
“icon_id”: null,
“icon_code”: null,
“desired_state”: {
“powered”: true,
“min_set_point”: 23.333333333333332,
“max_set_point”: 25.555555555555557,
“mode”: “cool_only”,
“units”: {
“temperature”: “f”
“fan_mode”: “auto”
“last_reading”: {
“connection”: true,
“connection_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“powered”: true,
“powered_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“min_set_point”: 23.333333333333332,
“min_set_point_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“max_set_point”: 25.555555555555557,
“max_set_point_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“mode”: “cool_only”,
“mode_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“units”: {
“temperature”: “f”
“units_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“fan_mode”: “auto”,
“fan_mode_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“temperature”: 22.222222222222221,
“temperature_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“external_temperature”: null,
“external_temperature_updated_at”: null,
“deadband”: null,
“deadband_updated_at”: null,
“min_min_set_point”: null,
“min_min_set_point_updated_at”: null,
“max_min_set_point”: null,
“max_min_set_point_updated_at”: null,
“min_max_set_point”: null,
“min_max_set_point_updated_at”: null,
“max_max_set_point”: null,
“max_max_set_point_updated_at”: null,
“modes_allowed”: [
“modes_allowed_updated_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“desired_powered_updated_at”: 1525537317.155103,
“desired_min_set_point_updated_at”: 1525537317.155103,
“desired_max_set_point_updated_at”: 1525537167.98729,
“desired_mode_updated_at”: 1525537167.98729,
“desired_units_updated_at”: 1525537317.155103,
“desired_fan_mode_updated_at”: 1525537317.155103,
“connection_changed_at”: 1521438983.2076304,
“powered_changed_at”: 1525431069.090915,
“min_set_point_changed_at”: 1525135112.2002785,
“max_set_point_changed_at”: 1525853057.5167778,
“mode_changed_at”: 1525308222.1178448,
“units_changed_at”: 1501893648.0520773,
“temperature_changed_at”: 1525873910.0845811,
“desired_powered_changed_at”: 1524779083.7892816,
“desired_min_set_point_changed_at”: 1521975228.7457085,
“desired_max_set_point_changed_at”: 1525537167.98729,
“desired_mode_changed_at”: 1525537167.98729,
“desired_units_changed_at”: 1521975393.263464,
“desired_fan_mode_changed_at”: 1521975393.263464,
“fan_mode_changed_at”: 1525396746.2354562
“subscription”: {
“pubnub”: {
“subscribe_key”: “sub-c-f7bf7f7e-0542-11e3-a5e8-02ee2ddab7fe”,
“channel”: “0c98abd5fdd3c9e650308d9e67a76f26ffb5ea41|thermostat-101163|user-393306”
“thermostat_id”: “101163”,
“name”: “Thermostat”,
“locale”: “en_us”,
“units”: {},
“hidden_at”: null,
“capabilities”: {},
“triggers”: [],
“manufacturer_device_model”: “honeywell_touchscreen_thermostat”,
“manufacturer_device_id”: null,
“device_manufacturer”: null,
“model_name”: null,
“upc_id”: “”,
“upc_code”: null,
“primary_upc_code”: null,
“hub_id”: “320610”,
“local_id”: “1”,
“radio_type”: “zwave”,
“linked_service_id”: null,
“lat_lng”: [
“location”: “11050”,
“short_name”: null,
“smart_schedule_enabled”: false

That is the issue. Wink isn’t reporting the device supports any HVAC modes. It should have something like

        "field": "mode",
        "type": "selection",
        "mutability": "read-write",
        "choices": [

In there. Is this device working in the Wink app? Is it officially supported?

It is officially supported, and it does work in the app with one exception. Whenever I trigger any of the actions (temp up, down, cool/auto/heat) it gives me an error saying there was a problem communicating with the server. It still successfully executes the commands though. I can try removing the thermostat and repair.

Yeah give that a shot, and then check that JSON again.

That was it! I guess it was previously paired as a generic zwave thermostat (did it years ago). Now as Honeywell therm I get different controls in hub and it is showing in HA!!! thanks so much!

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No problem, glad it worked.