Winmatic only open close

Hello, can someone help me, I have integrated my Homematic Winmatic window drives into Home Assistant. I can only open and close it but the locking does not work


The device is only implemented as a cover device. So you won’t be able to do that via the UI. But you could try using the homematic.set_device_value service. Since I don’t have the device I can’t verify, but the following could work within an automation:

  service: homematic.set_device_value
    address: LEQ1234567
    channel: 1
    param: LEVEL
    value: -0.005

It seems as if eq3 has implemented locking in such a way, that it happens when the target level is set to -0.005.

It works wonderfully. Thank you so much…

I am trying to apply the same solution - failing… could you post the fill solution? (seems I am not yet catching up sufficiently with home assistant details to get it integrated…) thanks!

Would it be possible to create a second cover device template which considers the negative value (-0.005)? It would be really great to have the list of Homematic devices nearly complete integrated in HA. I would support any developer ASAP with all relevant information about the physical device behavior. LEVEL= -0.005 means window is closed and locked. LEVEL= 0 means window is closed, but not locked. Any value between 1-100 is the tilt level of the window.

I would suggest to migrate to the new integration. If I’m not mistaken everything should be working out of the box with Winmatic devices.

Do you mean 1.26.5? I am on this version, but the window position (current_position) is always 0 instead of -0.005. I can set the value -0.005 via action service, the window moves to it (closed and locked), but I cannot read a closed value anywhere (e.g. current_position). In the UI the windows status and history is always displayed as open. Maybe I am wrong. Thanks for your quick reply anyway, I appreciate your efforts.

Ok, didn’t know you are already using the new integration. I knew there was this, but didn’t have the memory of what the final state is. So if this device still is not implemented properly, please start a discussion at the repo to get some feedback how others are using winmatic devices.