WiOn Woods Products

So i bought this product from Amazon before i learned about HA. Anyone have any idea how to add a component into HA?


However I cannot find the actual product page, I dont think one exists.

So far… the device is reliable and works well outside. We will see if it holds up during the holidays.

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I was tempted to get one of those too but checked for HA support first. Have you tried sniffing the traffic to it to see how it’s controlled? Does the device/app work if you’re on your home network but the network isn’t connected to the internet (device doesn’t need cloud relay)?

Haven’t had time to run a sniffer yet and i also haven’t tested without my internet down.

Any luck sniffing this WiOn product?

My apologies for bumping an older thread but all these WiOn products are just a rebrand of the Ecoplug product line from Kab Industries . They are based upon the esp8266 (ex version). These can be reflashed to work securely via MQTT with no cloud exposure, etc. I just use a homie-sonoff sketch and reassign pin numbers. I have the RC-028W and CT-065W in my HA system.