Wipro Garnet WiFi bulb with Home Assistant

Hello community,
I have recently ordered Wipro Garnet WiFi Bulb to begin my home automation journey. I was wondering how to integrate this bulb with Home Assistant (and Node-RED) - so I did a bit of searching on this forum to find out that this WiFi bulb needs to be configured with Tuya integration to work.

I don’t have the bulb with me yet, but here are the steps I am going to follow when I receive it.

  1. Plug in the bulb.
  2. Download and install the Tuya Smart App and create account with tuya.
  3. Power ON & OFF 3 times to bring the bulb in pairing mode.
  4. Enter my wifi name and password in Tuya Smart App & let it do its thing. I would be able to control the bulb from the Tuya Smart App after pairing.
  5. Install the tuya integration on my home assistant. Add the username, password and country code of account created in step #2.
  6. At this point, I will have my WiFi bulb added as an entity in Home Assistant.

If above points are right, I have a few conclusions about the process:

  1. Creating tuya account suggests that the WiFi bulb gets its commands from cloud.
  2. It is able to connect to my WiFi since I entered my WiFi username and password in the tuya app, which are then shared with WiFi bulb.

Following up on those conclusions, one question arises, how does Tuya Smart App share information with the WiFi bulb for the first time, when it is in pairing mode? Since the bulb does not know about the WiFi credentials at this point then how is data pushed to the bulb?

Building on top of that, let’s say if I wanted to control this process from my own app or a local web service, how can I share the WiFi credentials with the WiFi bulb, without tuya account or tuya smart app? Is it even possible to do so? (Without flashing custom firmware like Tosmota, ESPHome, etc.)

I am a beginner in this domain of home automation, so please bear with me, or if anything I wrote sounds silly. Thank you so much for understanding!

Your bulb creates an access point the app connects to.

Check local tuya