Wire Connection smart Dimmer

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to substitute several traditional dimmers (Diny RE PLA LE0) to smarts one, but I don’t have knowledge in wire connections:

The traditional dimmer have the follow wire diagram (3 wire):


And the smart dimmer I bought have this diagram:

2024-06-17 09_51_10-Diagrama dimmer.docx - Word

Could someone to help to how should connect the smart one with my setup?

Thank you so much in advance!!!

In two first photos it’s doable, but you have to modify wiring.
In last photo there is no neutral wire, so you cant use that smart dimmer.

You can wire Shelly relays with no neutral, and they are excellent relays.

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I would strongly suggest you contact an electrician. However much he charges you, it’ll be cheaper than being electrocuted or starting a fire.

Thank you for the advice.
If I buy the Shelly dimmer2, how I need to connect the wires?

Thanks in advance!

In this photo there is neutral wire. You can use the one you bought. But like I wrote before you need to modify the wiring . That grey wire is going to switch and it’s connected to line. In smart dimmer switch has to be connected to neutral.

Thank you @Karosm!

I’m totally dumb with this topic, if I’m not wrong with the wiring, should be like this:


Actual black wire to “L”?
Blue wire to “N”?
Brown wire to “L2”?
Grey wire to ???

The gray is probably a load but, honestly, I would get an electrician to help you figure it out. Best case it works or you merely blow up your new relay, worst case you start an electrical fire when you put the breaker back on.

For me, I usually figure out what the wires are from the diagrams of the original device, then translate that to the new device and test it with multimeters, but that’s me. I’m not an electrician and I don’t want to encourage you to start a fire.

It’s different from images on your link.
Have a look how it’s actually labeled on the enclosure.

The actual label is this one:

I think the wire it’s like this, but I’ve doubts with grey one:

Blue wire to “N-in”
Black wire to “L-in”
Brown wire to “L-out”
Grey wire to the 3th from the right (between “N-in” and “-“???

I’ve a multimeter, but I don’t know what to look for. :thinking:

Problem is that, other end of your gray wire (actual switch) is connected to Line, in image above it should be on Neutral. So you should modify the whole switch wiring.
Other problem is that your smart dimmer is expecting three state switch, on/off, dim+ and dim-, so 3wires. So If you use your existing switch, you have only on/off.

All together… Get Shelly dimmer2, you can wire it multiple ways.

Exactly what I suggested in Post 2. Shellys are good tech.

Thanks for the advice :grinning:

So with the Shelly dimmer 2, how I need to wire it? I sow several positions but I’m not sure how.

Read the user manual carefully.

according to schematic it should be
black to L
blue to N
brown to O
gray to SW1

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