Wire guard over CG Nat on Raspberry Pi?

I am running HA on Raspberry Pi which is connected through broadband internet (CG Nat). My config is simple and when I try to connect to HA from my mobile device using Wire Guard the Rx is 0 packets.
Can somebody help me . Is this because of the broadband internet I am using. Port forwarding and everything on edge router is correct

If your ISP uses CGNAT then Wireguard will not be able to see anything on your home network due to the way CGNAT operates. If you use a VPN like Tailscale then you should be able to access HA externally. This kind of VPN uses a coordination server to establish a direct connection between devices, bypassing the issue you are facing due to CGNAT on your broadband connection.

Thank you so much !
I will try to install tailscale for VPN.
Alternatively, do you recommend any open source VPN that is totally free

Tailscale is free if you have less than 100 devices and three users in your account.
It is built on Wireguard, however, I don’t think it is fully open source. You can find more details here, Open source at Tailscale · Tailscale.

They do run the default coordination servers which setup the connection between your devices. You can install a service called Headscale, GitHub - juanfont/headscale: An open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server, and run your own coordination server. I have not taken this step and use Tailscale as my coordination server.

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Thanks much. Will try setting this up