Wired central solutions


I’m building a house soon and I would like to make it smart home (ready).

I’m based in Austria and all the people I know who have done something similar went to Loxone solutions.
It looks nice but it’s expensive and pretty much closed.

I would like to go to a wired solution for switches, sensors, lights… well mostly wired.
Is there circuit break boxes (like Loxone’s) which are compatible with HA?
I have found Controllino (https://controllino.biz/) which might solve the problem, however it doesn’t seem very popular…

would you have some suggestions to which direction i should go?

Thanks a lot

Do you mean wired network-wise? I don’t know of any.

However the sonos 4ch is din mountable and controls 4 ac circuits. It is wifi though. https://www.itead.cc/smart-home/sonoff-4ch.html

Thanks for your reply

I meant wired network wise (Ethernet) and from the switches to avoid zwave or zigbee bridges.

I believe in Austria you can get HomeMatic Wired, which is supported by HASS. An alternative would be KNX. Which costs more, but is more of a “standard” regarding wired systems.

You can go with modbus. It’s also standard in wired systems. You can connect all your switches and actuators to input board and relay board (similar to loxone) and use modbus to TCP gateway or use modbusTCP devices. Modbus TCP supported in HASS.