Wired or Wireless sensors. Advice check

Hey all.
My current system is a mix of zwave fimmers and Hue lights. I’ve prototyped some mainsnpowered multisensors that will be used for temperature, motion, light and humidity etc. But now my attention has turned to security.

For door/window sensors (maybe pir as well) I’m thinking of wiring them in. I’ll hopefully be the proud owner of a Victorian Terrace in a few months (UK), so could potentially thread wires through the floor boards to each room, feeding back to the stairs.

My main needs are cost and discrete installation.
I’m just not going to spend £40-£50 a sensor to see if a window is open. And they’d have to be hidden in the frame, not mounted on it.

So any advice on what I should be looking at would be great. I’m currently looking at just a homebrew arduino build. Feeding multi core cables to each room and installing a flush mounted magnetic sensor in doors and windows.

Any better options, or advice from anyone who’s done it?

If you want low cost devices and accept DIY look at mysensors.org.

Thanks. My Multisensors are MySensors based.
What I was after was a wired installation, akin to an old school security system, but hooked back up to an Arduino etc.

Not sure I’m going to go down this route, but we’ll see.
My main hurdle was drilling through the window frame, apparently it’s not recommended :stuck_out_tongue:

Mysensors 2.0 supports local sensors on gateway, so you could have eg multiple connected ethernet gateways with sensors.

Mysensors also supports RS485 as transport instead of radio, but RS485 hasn’t been tested and vetted as much as the radio transport, to my knowledge.