Wired Zigbee Router

I need a Zigbee router for a remote location that has wired Ethernet/IP but is too far from the main Zigbee location. Is there any IP-based bridge/solution for such configuration?

Can this help: Supported Adapters | Zigbee2MQTT

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Just to clarify a bit here.
The devices linked by Nick4 is not bridges, but routers/coordinators.
Since you will be too far away from the existing Zigbee network, then a router will not work, because there is nothing to route to. You will need a coordinator instead and that means you will get another/new Zigbee network.
I do not think HA has issues with 2 different Zigbee networks, so it should work.


Got it, thanks. So, I’ll just add an Ethernet-connected Zigbee coordinator for running a second Zigbee network. I didn’t know that HA/Zigbee2Mqtt supports that.

Thanks a lot!

Depends on your definition of support.

If using out of the box functionality and traditional addons, you can have a single ZHA instance, a single zigbee2mqtt instance, a single zigbee2mqtt-edge instance and a single deconz instance. So up to four zigbee nets without resorting to docker shenanigans or creating your own addon repo.

I run z2m, z2m-edge, and ZHA without issue. With z2m and z2m-edge, make sure you point to separate config directories and base_topics.

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Isn’t remote HomeAssistant on a second device like a pi zero exactly that? Radio adapter for devices nearby, internet tunnel to connect to the main HomeAssistant which has its own radio adapter for nearby devices?

Sure, if you want to maintain another instance of HA with all that overhead. Personally, I’d go with with third party hub with homekit support before that - something that doesn’t need updating every month.

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