Wireguard client configuration

Hello,I have to use HA remotely behind a router with a 4G provider in CG-NAT.
For the moment I parameter HA which is install on a raspeberry pi with debian 11 at my house before putting it into operation.
The goal is to have HA in a distant house and connect, control and view from my home on my pc so I install duckdns and wireguard add-on.
The configuration of duckdns is ok.
I just installed Wireguard on HA but I do not want to use my android but my pc with debian 11.
how to configure my pc and HA so that it connects via wireguard please?
thank you cordially

If you are attempting to use Wireguard in client mode on HassOS, this addon works great.

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Had the same problem with my installation and the addon in repository. Yes, this addon works perfectly when you want to integrate HA in your preexistant wireguard scenery, tested with HAOS

  • Core 2024.5.3
  • Supervisor 2024.05.1
  • Operating System 12.3
    WG server running on edge OS 2.0.9