WireGuard + Home Assistant not working

Hello Community!

I´m new to Home Assistant and actually still in the way to configure those things.

Those are the facts:

  • using intel nuc with home assistant os on it
  • have a working duckdns domain
  • installed add-on wireguard
  • forwarded the port in my EdgeRouter

My network is using ip range 192.168.2.xxx
Created an extra subnet for my intel nuc with 192.168.3.xxx; IP of intel nuc =
The port forwarding looks like this:

The setup in WireGuard add-on on HA looks like this:

Maybe worth to mention: My ISP uses a CGN.

I add the wireguard vpn on my phone via qr code. But nothing happens when i try to connect on my phone to I also tried oder 51820, etc.

I would be grateful for every advice. Sorry upfront - im a relativ newbie in all those things.

Thank you!

That’s basically a deal breaker for “simple” wireguard.
I suggest you use tailscale, which is a VPN built above wireguard that uses a bunch of techniques to quite automagically adapt to any kind of network configurations transparently.