Wireless mesh relay

I am looking for a wireless (preferably wifi) relay system that can operate standalone - ie can create its own wifi network for communicating between devices.

Use case would be to avoid having to run switching wires from point A to B. Input device would have an Input trigger and the output device would have a dry contact relay.

I have found some devices that can do this via 433mhz but would prefer to have 2.4ghz

If anyone has any suggestions or is aware of something off the shelf that can do this then please let me know.

This is basically what you are trying to setup I assume:

I don’t know if any smart switches that are also an access point.

That looks very much like what I need! Thank you, I’ll look into them

Yeah the Shelly’s do have an AP mode. I’ve only ever used it for initial configuration to connect the device to my wifi network. I’ve never connected one Shelly to another’s AP. Other than limited range and lack of security I don’t see any reason why it would not work.

That’s pretty much the definition of zigbee, tbh, with the added bonus that mains powered devices also act as routers in the mesh, extending the range.

Esphome can do that.

You can look into tasmesh with tasmota.
It requires esp32 (like shelly mini/sonoff mini r4) as the broker and esp8266 as nodes.
Then can just create a rule like button press to toggle the relays

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For clarification here its smart plugs, power point, smart relays if they are listed as and other devices that act as routing points. Switches don’t without a neutral, they are listed as end point.

It will state in the visualization in ZHA if a device type is EndDevice or Router


The smart lamp is a hue bulb that acts as a router and the switch just routes through it currently to talk back to HA for control.

edit:updated clarification

Let me guess. You have no neutral switches?

With the way this old home is wired there was only Live and Switched Live for the Switches to use to turn on and off the ceiling lights.

That explains the switches being end devices then.

With Neutral: Router
No Neutral: End device

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Good to know for the future.

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I guess this thread throws up the old question of whether you have all your automations within home assistant, or whether it should be within devices / or between devices like direct between switch and bulb. There are advantages disadvantages both ways.

This device is ideal for the purpose I am considering, but it is difficult to get hold of. https://www.centsys.co.za/pdf/wizo/1248.D.01.0001_2%20WIZO-Link%20manual_12092018_AP(ONLINE%20ONLY).pdf

One of the results in a search:

Import costs depending on where you are from would need to be accounted for if they ship international (else you would need a reshipping service to ship from a locker in the country they ship to only then go from there to your location).

I’ve never played with any ZigBee devices, don’t they require a hub?

All you need for them devices is a Zigbee coordinator like the usb based skyconnect or a network based version like the SMLight SLZB-06M and ZigStar UZG-01, then you pair them using either ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT.

They run local and offline.

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