Wireless switch to control the switch of a store (with Z-Wave adapter built-in)

Hi team, I am getting new window stores connected to Z-Wave TechniSat Switch. I’m running Home Assistant on a Synology NAS at the moment.

Now I would like to put a switch at the other end of the room to control the same stores. (there will be a light switch just next to it)

Option 1: EnOcean Switch and a bridge in-between. Advantage: no cabling, no battery.

=> Question: what is the best way to integrate Z-Wave and EnOcean into Home Assistant (when running on Synology). I prefer to invest a bit more and get something low-maintenance which will hold for a long time.

Option 2: Z-Wave switch, open the wall and use the electric cables of the light switch just next to it. Pro: no battery. Con: need to open the wall a bit probably to get power to the switch.

=> Question: on a synology box, would recommend using a USB stick like HUSBZB-1 or should I expect it to break on a regular basis (with each DSM upgrade)? Can I use something like Homee and control it effectively from Home Assistant or would you recommend against it?