Wireless tag not updating temperature in guage card

I am very new to coding in Home Assistant and would appreciate some guidance with what should be an easy task.
I am using “wireless tags” and would just like to put a simple guage card in my dashboard that reports the current temperature. I would like to update the temperature in the card at a regular time interval. But it seems as though, the only time I can get the temperature to update is when I restart Home assistant. Any assistance would be appreciated. I did look at the guage Card documentation and didn’t see anything like a scan_interval that I could set.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
here is the relevant yaml config for my sensor:

  - platform: wirelesstag
      - temperature
      - humidity

and here is the guage card yaml:

type: gauge
entity: sensor.wirelesstag_sliding_door_temp_temperature
min: 0
max: 100
name: River Road interior Temperature
needle: true

I am also having trouble with the Wirelesstags integrations - it only seems to update on HA restart. Not sure how to force an update - I have tried setting the notifications in mytaglist.com very low - but it doesn’t seem to check.