Wireless Watering System - LinkTap

After a lot of frustration with what I thought would be something simple, I want to put a shout-out for LinkTap. I have bought several water valves from big box stores, ali-express, etc. I don’t know how I missed LinkTap in my searches because it had been mentioned before. I just want to mention that the hardware is great, leak-free, and it integrates locally with Home Assistant via MQTT. I could have saved myself so much frustration if I just purchased it to start with.


Got mine these days and now stumbled over this.
Will give it a try in the next weeks to be implemented into HA, but sounds promising already :smiley:

Have been using these for the last 3 years. Have G1, G2 and G1S. Excellent support. Have implemented MQTT well and support responsive to issues. Recommend.

Have you seen the new D1? It is a dual version of the G1S I think. It has flow and drop sensors but two separately controlled outputs. It is the perfect product I think because I would have bought it had it been available. Controlling the watering of the raised beds and flower pots have really made my wife very happy.

I am thinking of buying 2 x G1S valves and wondering if I need to buy one gateway to control them in HA ? I already have a ZigBee hub and MQTT broker running on my HA server. Thanks.

They seem to use some weird not normal version of zigbee.
Ive had one since before i discovered HA, and havent been able to get it to work in z2m.

I already had their hub though so not a huge problem for me.

One gateway can control multiple devices. I have (2) G2S’ connected to one gateway. Will be (3) in in a few days

I’m also really enjoying the LinkTap – but wondering if anyone has a reference for how to add new controllers to the gateway once it has been set to HomeAssistant MQTT mode?

Currently I’m trying just switching my gateway back into standard mode and adding the new controller via the LinkTap app, then switching back to Home Assistant mode, but I imagine there should be some sort of MQTT command that can be used to enroll a new water timer?

Please find attached a detailed integration guide.


LinkTap Home Assistant integration


I dunno how I missed LinkTap before. Thanks for all the info, very excited to replace my b-hyve laggy cloud only setup with something more reliable and local.

I’ve almost blown out my transfer pump twice now getting false starts from their cloud service.

Edit: plus a 50 page admin guide? Amazing! Take my money faster!

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hey all,
followed the guide (thanks!)

however i cant seem to get this to work?
i have MQTT working for my RingMQTT setup, so i know that side is working.

i wonder if my clientID is wrong? i just wrote anything in there?
also my broker address is my main homeassistant IP?

My clientid is the “ID” from the top of the gateway page, less -xxxx

Hi all - I just purchased a linktap gateway and water timer (G2-S) and had no issues configuring it through the linktap app and then setup mqtt all added to HA and working fine…

Have been trying to use mqtt to publish / update settings such as fail safe duration for testing purposes. I am using the mqtt integration guide v 1.9 and have done the following but I am not yet able to update the settings. Anyone have this working?

  1. setup the downlink topic to homeassistant/config_from_ha and restarted the gateway
  2. used HA mqtt config to publish total duration following the manual
  3. {“tag”:“total_duration”,“id”:“my_timer_id”,"value”:3600}

I can see the packet being published using mqtt explorer under the topic homeassistant/config_from_ha but this does not update the sensor state/value as expected

I also tried setting the fail safe duration using the following and this does not work either.



well I am making progress…

Used jsonlint.com to validate the payload and there was an error…

The following works for setting the duration…

	"tag": "total_duration",
	"id": "my_tap_id",
	"value": 3600

and the following will set the global/persistent setting for failsafe duration

	"id": "my_tap_id",
	"duration": 300

Can one of you folks confirm that the flow meter info shows up in HA?

I’ve recently bought a Link-Tap and have a GW-02 Gateway.

I am now trying to integrate with Home Assistant not having much luck (I’ve posted my configuration below).

Any advice appreciated.

My Zigbee gateway is a SLZB-06 on

Both zigbee2mqtt, mosquitto and Home Assistant are dockers on

I don’t have a username/password for my zigbee2mqtt docker, hence left blank in my screenshot. I have confirmed the port is 1883.

I have a tonne of zigbee devices and the moment I make them discoverable they appear in zigbee2mqtt. However, I am having no luck seeing the Link-Tap.

Any suggestions?

While the gateway uses a variant of Zigbee to talk to the Linktaps, nothing Zigbee is exposed to Home Assistant.I setup a MQTT broker on my Home Assistant and it talks to that not zigbee 2mqtt. I don’t use zigbee2mqtt so maybe it can act as a broker to receive mqtt packets. I have chosen Host Type as Home Assistant and then created a user for LinkTap and provided that information into the username and password fields.

Yes, it does.

Thanks for your reply Dan, your response helped fix my issue which ended up being pebkac.

I was too fixated on getting LinkTap to appear in Z2M, but after viewing my mosquitto logs I could see the device instantly connecting and I was able to add the LinkTap integration in HASS.

So it was working all along!

Hi LinkTap users,

I’m interested in buying one (or two) of these smart tap timers and integrating them with Home Assistant so I can use my Home Assistant connected weather station and soil moisture sensor data (from Ecowitt devices already integrated) to make the smart watering scheduling even smarter. Can someone confirm that the current LinkTap integration allows pausing/resuming any current watering schedules programmed into the LinkTap device(s) directly from Home Assistant.