Wireless (zigbee) motion sensor: working & fast response?

I have tested a LSC (Tuya) motion sensor to control light: it’s much to slow so looking for something else.

Since I recently started with zigbee, I’m looking at the Ikea Trädfri motion sensor.
After a search here I didn’t find a clear answer so therefore my question:
Is anyone using this (with deCONZ, if this is important) to turn on lights and have immediate response?

Aside from switching on light it should also do other things so report it’s state to HA immediately.

Thanks for your experiences.

Topic says Ikea motion sensor while in your post you are talking about LSC motion sensor. And what do you consider “much to slow”.

I bought an Ikea motion sensor to test, and it only reports battery status through to HA via the standard ikea gw integration to HA. Something to be aware of for you perhaps.

He is using deCONZ, not the ikea integration.

:blush: You’re right, edited my post to make it more clear…

I’ve got a few, they are in rooms I dont need high update rates. Response time they are reasonable, certainly not any worse then other zigbee motion sensors. The recycle time though is woeful, probably one of the worst. When they trigger due to motion, they will hold the occupancy sensor ‘on’ for 2.5 minutes before returning to ‘off’. They are unable to sense anything during this time.

If you want fast, just use Philips Hue ones, they have a recycle time of about 15 seconds. Bit over twice the price however.


I would not recommend the IKEA Motion Sensors. In my experience the response time is a little more than a second and rather slow. As already said the 2.5 minute cooldown is rather heavy.

I would also recommend the Philips Hue Sensors. Fast responding, low cooldown and also have a temperature sensor.

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Get the Sonoff motion sensors. It reaction is almost instant, less than 0.3s, and remarkably reliable. Its cool down time is 1 minute.

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Got a sonoff SNZB-03 to test.
It responds quite fast, is surprisingly small but… I have a lot of false positives! :grimacing:
Apparently, this is an issue with them and after putting something between the battery and the lid, it was better but now it’s back to worse…

Overnight it seemed to have worked as it should but in the morning I noticed the light was on without any movement.
It’s sitting in the hall, with no exterior light, so that cannot be of any influence.