Wiring Shelly1 with Forza 1000 garage door opener

I’m looking to connect a Shelly 1 to my ‘Forza 1000’ garage door opener and think I have a rough idea of what i need to do. The part that concerns me is if i get it wrong i might short the opener.

The part in the diagram shows ‘Wall Switch’ with 3 inputs. Wondering if maybe one is ‘common’ and the other two are UP/DOWN in which case maybe I need a Shelly 2.5

For anyone else that has a Forza 1000 looking to add Wi-Fi to it; I got this working using the below wiring which is powered off 24v output from the Forza 1000.

I’m using Tasmota on the Shelly 1 - the key to the Tasmota config is