Wiser CCRFR6400 thermostat configuration?


I have bought a CCRFR6400 Zigbee thermostate. I don’t have the Wiser Hub. It’s recognized with Z2M and Z-Stack (Sonoff Zigbee 3 Plus Dongle).

Now in homeassistant card, i have the current temperature and the setpoint that changes according to the settings of the CCRFR6400.

Capture d'écran 2024-03-04 160800

But now I have the following question:
How do I trigger a relay when it needs to heat???

I have done an automation that triggers a relay when the HVAC mode changes, BUT, the HVAC mode never changes automatically according to the set point. So it’s not the right way to configure it.

Also, the heating icon is never on on the device, although the setpoint temperature is higher than the current temperature. I don’t understand how that CCRFR6400 works :-S

Thank you