Wiser ZigBee dimmer puck


I bought some Schneider Electric Wiser Micro Module LED Dimmer units to give me some dimming control on non-smart bulbs. (PN CCT5010-0002W).

I installed two of these units to give me dimming control on my two bedroom lights. My first trouble was physically fitting the wiring, “micro” module and the wall switches into the wall-boxes! But, I got it sorted out in the end. I should also note that these are “no-neutral” units.

I added them to my HA system (Sonoff 3.0 USB dongle) and they were detected easily and now form a stable part of my ZigBee network.

All good so far, but I notice that there are some functions of the dimmer that don’t seem to be controllable from HA. For example the dimming mode. This means that I can’t use LED bulbs on these light fittings. And, I can’t change the default state of the switch from “on” to “off” or “last state”. This was discovered after being woken at 2h30 in the morning when the lights came on after a short power-cut!

Do I really need to buy the Wiser Hub (€100) to get better control of these devices, or is there a HA add-in which can give me these features?

(I’ve seen the Wiser Home Assistant Platform, but it requires the Wiser Hub).

I bought the wiser hub to pair with my Schneider Electric Wiser dimming micromodule.

There no way to change the power on mode to off, even with the official Schneider app.

And, changing the LED mode makes no difference to how it acts with any of my LED bulbs. They’re just permanently on with no dimming effect.

These are definitely one of my worst buys.

Any recommendations for a ZigBee dimming module that takes a switch input and a neutral wire? (In Europe).

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