WITB+ (Wasp in the Box Plus) Blueprint

:honeybee::package: Introducing WITB+ (Wasp in the Box Plus) Blueprint

We’re excited to introduce the latest version of the WITB+ blueprint for Home Assistant! :tada:

Description: WITB+ (Wasp in the Box Plus) is an advanced automation blueprint crafted for occupancy detection using multiple sensors. Inspired by the concept of “Wasp in a Box,” this blueprint utilizes motion and door sensors to monitor occupants within a defined space (the “box”). When motion is detected, indicating the presence of a “wasp” (occupant), the box’s state is updated accordingly. The generated binary sensor reflects the presence or absence of a wasp in the box, facilitating seamless integration with automation triggers.


  • Motion sensors are strategically positioned to detect movement when someone enters the room, thereby triggering occupancy detection.
  • The room is considered occupied as long as the door to the designated area (the “box”) remains closed, influencing the automation’s behavior.
  • Users are expected to configure motion and door sensors accurately to ensure precise occupancy detection within the designated area.
  • The blueprint offers options to control smart light bulbs, light switches, and fans within the area based on occupancy detection.
  • Users are encouraged to create input_boolean entities for occupancy tracking and bypass control if they opt to utilize these features.
  • For bypass functionality, users need to manually integrate call service actions into their automations or methods to control devices when bypassing occupancy detection is required.

Current Version: 0.3.0
Please see change log for more details.
Stable Changelog

Get Started: To implement the WITB+ blueprint in your Home Assistant setup, simply import the blueprint using the provided URL: Download WITB+ Blueprint

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.


  • Door Sensor: Select the door sensor or group of sensors representing the entrance to the designated area.
  • Motion Sensor: Choose the motion sensor(s) responsible for detecting movement within the area.
  • Light Bulbs, Light Switch, Fan: Select the devices to control within the designated area.
  • Bypass Mode: Customize the behavior of the automation during bypass events.
  • And more customizable options to tailor the blueprint to your specific needs!

Documentation: For detailed information on inputs, variables, triggers, actions, and customization options, refer to the blueprint documentation available on GitHub: View Blueprint Documentation

Feedback and Contributions: We welcome feedback, suggestions, and contributions from the community to enhance the WITB+ blueprint further. Feel free to share your experiences, ideas, or any issues you encounter while using the blueprint.

Future Enhancements

  • Additional Lighting Controls: We plan to expand the capabilities of the blueprint by incorporating more advanced lighting controls. This could include adjusting brightness, changing colors, or even integrating scene selection functionality.
  • Customization Options: We aim to provide users with more customization options to tailor the blueprint to their specific needs and preferences. This might involve configurable parameters for sensitivity, timing, or integration with other devices.
  • Integration with Environmental Sensors: In future iterations, we envision integrating the blueprint with environmental sensors to enhance automation based on factors like ambient light, temperature, or humidity.
  • Improved Bypass Functionality: We’re exploring ways to enhance the bypass functionality to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. This could involve simplifying the setup process or adding additional bypass modes for greater flexibility.
  • Time of Day Events: We’re considering adding time-based events to the blueprint, allowing users to configure different behaviors based on the time of day. This could include features like nightlight settings, where the lighting adjusts automatically based on the time, creating a more comfortable environment during nighttime hours.

Let’s make home automation smarter and more efficient with WITB+! :house_with_garden::sparkles:


This sounds very exciting, cant wait to try it out!

However, I get the error message “Invalid blueprint: Missing input definition for auto_off” when trying to import the blueprint.

Looking at line 220: auto_off: !input auto_off should be idle_timer in stead of auto_off?

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Thanks! This should be resolved now. I need to create a dev yaml for better support future changes not ready for release.

Pushed 0.2.6 mainly fixes typos

Push out Version 0.3.0 adds light control on light bulbs