With 'Customized' config being fazed out, how about setting 'device_class'?

One of the things I’ve set up in customized is the device class for my aqara door sensors. Some of them are doors, some of them are windows.
I can set up names and a lot of other stuff directly in the integrations now, but not device_class.
So is that just going to stay in customized.yaml, or will that also make it into the integration configuration?

I have several Aqara door sensors in ZHA (lumi.sensor_magnet.aq2)

I can set the device class in the UI with the “show as” dropdown.


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You are right, there it is, thankyou!

What makes you think Customize is being phased out?

It was formulated that way some time ago in the release, that things are moving into the integrations instead of using customized, and that customized was moved to ‘yaml only’, but that for now it will stay, I concluded from that it is being slowly phased out?

Customize isn’t being phased out. Some customize YAML configuration is being moved to the UI. You are still customizing entities whether it is done in the UI or YAML.

Ha ha, you’re a lawyer if I remember correctly, so I guess I should make sure that everything is specified, it is of course customized.yaml I am referring to :joy:

You remember incorrectly. Nick from NZ is the lawyer.

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Ha ha, :joy: Great. Well anyways, thanks for clearing It up!