With ESP32, can I use both I2C channels, ethernet, and POE all concurrently?

Per the title, I would like to

  • Use both I2C channels and ethernet simultaneously on an ESP32
  • Use POE to power the ESP32
  • Use the same ethernet that is powering the ESP32 to connect it to ESPHome (i.e. they are on the same LAN)
  • Not use WiFi on the ESP32, and in fact disable it (ESPHome cannot use both anyway).

I know there are a bunch of ESP32 boards that support POE. I’ve looked at Olimex ESP32-POE-ISO and WESP32. I read that the Olimex alters some pins when ethernet is active, but it isn’t clear if this occurs to any of the I2C channels. I couldn’t find any relevant info on the WESP32 as far as ethernet and IC2 interference.

So my question: has anyone successfully accomplished this and were there complications?

(I understand that I can use I2C multiplexers and address translators to accomplish just about anything with one channel)