With the New "authentication system" coming, not being able to use "localhost", is going to be an issue

So, with the New " authentication system coming, I’m going to have issues. I could never access Home Assistant, with localhost:8123.

Is there any way to make localhost work with my system?

I’m running Hassio on a RPi3, my router is a Linksys 1900ac v2, with OpenWRT firmware on it.

Of course you still can access localhost:8123. who said not? Most of my development is testing under localhost:8123


Unless you are using the pi as the browser to connect to it, you will never be able to connect to it as localhost.

@awarecan I’m saying that I can not use localhost:8123, it just doesn’t seem to work for me. None of the aliases work for me.

@flamingm0e If what you say, is correct, why do most Setup Videos, talk about Hass.Io being a “Headless” system. Even the “Installing Home Assistant” page, step #8(at the bottom of the page), doesn’t mention anything about where the browser is located.

  1. The Raspberry Pi will now boot up, connect to the Internet and download the latest version of Home Assistant, which will take about 20 minutes.

  2. Home Assistant will be available at http://hassio.local:8123/. Shortly after the download has started, a simple preparation status page will be available at this URL. Point your browser there. The page refreshes automatically, and Home Assistant will be shown when the download is complete.

Also, with the link in step #8, being a clickable link, and after reading the whole install page. It would leave one, to assume(ya, I know what they say assumming something), that you could click on that link to launch Hass.io

You have some terminology confused.

Localhost refers to the machine you are on. As in, localhost on any system, windows, Linux or Mac, is itself.

Hassio.local is a “bonjour/mdns” name that the device advertises on the network. If it’s not working as hassio.local, it’s because your devices (router or desktop/laptop) don’t support the broadcast protocol.

Unless you’re running home assistant ON the device you’re trying to browse from, http://localhost will quite literally never work. Has nothing to do with with authentication or home assistant. It’s basic networking.

Recently installed SSL certificates after that I’m not able to access my home assistant url whenever I’m under the same wifi network.

Any idea what is the issue?.

I’m able to access my homeassistant only from external network

Your router needs to support something commonly referred to as hairpin Nat, Nat reflection, or loopback Nat.

Is your bookmark for the website http:// ? If you are using SSL maybe try https://

Tried both http as well as https

Not sure about in loopback NAT mentioned by flaming. Need to check my router.

@flamingm0e Sorry for the mix up, but,Thanks, that is the info that I needed. I though BonJour, was an Apple thing, so when I setup my router, I turned it off. Just one(hopefully last), question, when I type “hassio.local:8123” and hit ENTER, the browser RETURNS,

https: //hassio.local:8123/states” and says that this URL in “Not Secure”

Is this normal???

Your certificate is self signed probably. Its not recognised as a cert signed by a proper Certificate Authority (CA).

If you click on the padlock or cross out HTTPS in your browser, it should tell you what the problem is.

Yes it’s normal