With the new changes, how do you handle your Git repository now?

Hey, I’ve finished the update process for the new add-on version earlier today without any big problems but the main thing giving me headaches is VCS.

As probably a few people, I have a Git repository housing my HA configuration. Until today that included the AppDaemon stuff. While the change makes sense, I’m still wondering

  • whether to even put up my AD stuff on a seperate repository
  • or just edit it via other methods (Samba etc.)

I’d like to have it on Git but my main problem with that is how to sync it in HA. I’m using the Git pull add-on but that only supports one repository. I guess a solution would be to have the complete hassio stuff as a repository and ignore all the irrelevant folders but that’s not as clean imo

What are your thoughts and how do you handle this?

Edit 1

Apparently you can also still put your apps in the usual directory /config/appdaemon/apps and just reference this folder in your appdaemon.yaml by adding app_dir: /homeassistant/appdaemon/apps/

I guess that would defeat the main purpose of this change which is being able to backup and restore the add-on. Not the cleanest solution considering that

Edit 2

Another solution maybe is to put up the AD stuff in a seperate repository to have it there for my convenience (being able to remotely work on and look at it) and edit it on my PC through my Samba share. There wouldn’t be any syncing between repo and HA of course.