With YAMLScript, YAML Becomes a Proper Programming Language

I’ve got one question.


Or does it change anything? It’s probably to early to say but I was just wondering. Interesting article regardless as it discusses Jinja templates and other things most people outside developers usually don’t know about like YAML being a serialization language like JSON.


Does YAML data need to be programmed? Many think so, including one of the creators of YAML itself.

Ingy döt Net, has started a project to bringing scripting capabilities to the data serialization language, in a project called YAMLScript.

SUSE Engineer Tina Müller dropped the news in her annual FOSDEM talk last month.

With YAMLScript, all valid YAML code is valid YAMLScript code. Plus, all YAMLScript function code, since it is itself in the YAML syntax, can be directly embedded into YAML files, or loaded in from other files.

The new programmable functionality will include “excellent interpolation features,” such as merge, filter, and concatenate. And people can create their own “generators” to manipulate data on the fly, döt Net promised.