Withings Scales


I only get null back from everything.


no, i did not found any solution :confused: it is still not working for me neither


I hope someone can get this to work.


FWIW it works just fine for me. I even fully rebuilt my HA yesterday (with a new SD card on my pi for 0.61.1) and it worked ok. (I needed to manually install jq, and make sure the permissions were ok on the .sh files.)

What errors do you get if you manually run the scripts as the HA user?

Edit - I have found the thermometer to be comically inaccurate, the CO2 meter to be uninteresting, so pretty much only use it to keep track of battery!


would love to have this working


It’s still working for me.

Only issue that has arisen in the last 6 months is that I am now required to reset my Nokia/Withings password every couple of days, I guess due to too many logins. I must get around to looking at the frequency the script is called.

What error are you getting?


Just wanted to leave this here:

I have just tried out @deuxpi’s custom component: https://github.com/deuxpi/home-assistant-custom-components and it works very well! Created a dev account at Nokia with some fake data and got it running in 5 minutes. Component needs to authenticate with Nokia at first run though, which does seem to conflict with Lovelace UI at the moment. But I hope, the developer will give the component a finishing touch and it will be merged to Home Assistant soon!

Nokia Health products (Body+ connected scales etc)

Would be great to see a development here. I also use the @deuxpi’s custom component.
Unfortunately that one is using Oath1 which will be deprecated in November 2018. Some useful links below for whoever is capable of updating the current version.

Link to Nokias API: http://developer.health.nokia.com/oauth2/
Link to New pypi version: https://pypi.org/project/nokia/1.0.0/


The new documentation is here http://developer.withings.com/oauth2/#tag/introduction
I’m keen to work on this as own the scales and sleep monitor, if anyone wants to collaborate let me know


I’d love to help. If I could learn along the way (commented code would be appreciated) maybe I can help collaborate with this and finally learn some python basics. With a documented API it can’t be too hard.


OK great! This CC is a starting point but we need to address this issue first


@robmarkcole yes that’s right. I did see an email with the changes. I’ll have a look this weekend and see what I can figure out. Fell free to DM me as well


Any updates? It would be great to have sensors for the withings scales!


Auth2 in HA is a challenge :frowning:


There has been a fork of the python-withings / nokia to include OAuth2 support https://github.com/orcasgit/python-nokia I don’t know if that makes it easier to support devices such as the Scales and Sleep into Home Assistant?

I am interested in the sleep product.

Nokia Sleep senor support

Hi all
Any success to integrate this withings component with HA ?


Is it done ? Auth2 is there with release 1.1.0 ?


Ok for me :slight_smile:


Any progress? I can try to help if needed. I own the scale.


I’d love to see this also since I own both the scale and sleep sensor. Both of these devices would significantly improve any bedtime / morning routines. For example turning off the lights when you get in bed at night, or requiring to step on the scale to start your morning routine. I have a bunch of neat ideas for automations.

I don’t know any programming but I’d be happy to help beta test this etc.