Withings Scales


One issue I see now is Withings requirement for a functioning callback URL - so it might mean having to open home assistant up to the world to get access to the API.


This is broken for me on 0.88.1 any ideas ?


I plan on continuing working on the component and keep it up to date with the new authentication method. It’s still too early to consider pushing to the core codebase, but it’s the long term goal (that is, I need to write tests :slightly_smiling_face:) There are a few recent commits where I try to patch things up to make the code work again.


With the current implementation is it possible to access more than one user - I have more than one user in the withings account that I’d like to access?


Is this your pull request? It’s exciting to see this making progress!


No, I’m glad someone had a better chance than me to write a full implementation of that sensor. That’s nice.


I hope this does get added, looking forward to using it with my scales and sleep