Withings Won't Stay Authenticated

I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, but I set up my Withings health integration a few days ago and it won’t stay authenticated. Every day I have to re-authenticate it. I’m using it with my HA Cloud setup, and the authentication goes just fine and all my data reports in perfectly but a day later it’s requiring another authentication.

does it stop sending data when requesting reauthentication?

I’m asking because I have similar issue but sensors are still being updated. However I found I have some dead entities I cannot even remove (they are duplicate working ones). Curious the reauthentication is not asked in regard of those orphaned entities

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I have to re-auth both of mine every few days. Its annoying but hasn’t been annoying enough to dig into yet.

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This has been a long running issue. I’ve had this issue for months.

I have two user profiles setup under the withings account and they both require reauthentication every few days. Interestingly not at the same time.

I have the same issue and it’s frustrating to log in every day

I gave up on it for now, too annoying and it just doesn’t work if I have to log in daily.

Same here - driving me insane. But I see a fix is in the works for 2022.4, so if that works a lot of people will be really happy, me included!

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Well, it’s back to it’s normal non-working state again. It worked for a heartbeat a few updates ago but now it’s worse than it was before, any reboot instantly forces it offline and if I leave it alone then it needs reconfigured each day.

I think this integration probably just needs to be removed entirely from HA, it obviously doesn’t work and there doesn’t seem to be any insight into how to make it work in the future. It really sucks because I created a significant amount of automation around this integration that I’ll have to just chalk up to a total waste of time.

THeres a bug against the integration in the latest (2022.6) builds If you’re using Nabu Casa and your set to ‘use nabu casa’ in your HA address (checkbox in settings) then it’s errantly publishing your internal HA instance as the endpoint for auth (which will fail). If you’re affected, Looks like its on track to be fixed soon, but the current workaround is to uncheck ‘use Nabu Casa’ and populate the external URL with your Nabu Casa address. No I don’t know what THAT breaks, but I know for a fact it got my bed sensors working again until a fixed build comes out.

Fortunately mine is still working, but did you notice that since the 2022.06 release the callback url has changed according to the documentation?

I had to change it in Neato developer portal, and Withings also wants you to configure the callback url in the app in the developer portal. If it doesn’t match, Withings will reject the authentication.

I pray it won’t mess up the webhooks though, I had quite some trouble getting the in bed sensor to work, and that indeed revolved about specifying the external url in configuration.yaml. That was earlier this year, so bug has been there way longer. Now that the external url and the callback url have different domains, I hope that won’t be messed up too.

sorry to open up and old wound (thread) but I’ve recently added the Withings integration and i have to reconfigure at least once a day, and today alone its required 4 time

I gave up on Withings and removed it entirely, the data it provided wasn’t worth the constant headache of re-authenticating all the time.

in fairness i only use it for weight data as was thinking going direct rather than via Garmin…

It was always a “nicety” for me, my Withings already talks to my Apple Health app so I have all the history there anyway, I was just using it for motivation inside of HA.

The new issue is under investigation, and a potential fix is being tested:

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