Wiz Groups / Scenes

I have converted the lights in one of my rooms from Philips hue (zigbee) to Philips Wiz (wifi). I’m using the built in Wiz integration and I have the lights available within Home Assistant.

My question is around the grouping and scene selection of these lights within Home Assistant.

With my old hue based setup the grouping was done in the hue app and the hue groups appeared in Home Assistant. I was also able to use “Activate scene” within Home Assistant in order to access the preset scenes that had been defined within hue app.

So far with the Philips Wiz lights in Home Assistant I do not see this functionality. I have added the Wiz lights to a light group within Home Assistant. Is there a way that I can access the presets that are defined within the Wiz app? There are White presets such as “Warm white, Daylight, Cool white” etc that I could easily control from Home Assistant with light / turn on and set the color temperature.

There are others within the Wiz app that are Dynamic. That means that the colors change over time giving an effect. These are the ones that I would like to access from Home Assistant. I cannot do this with light / turn on.

Thank you!


I have the exact same question.

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With you all. It would be great to be able to activate the more unique WIZ scenes, if possible, in Home Assistant.

I haven’t found a perfect solution for this either…

so I’ve just created the scene in HA by selecting the lights and setting the scene using the Wiz app so I can set the scene using triggers in HA or node red when I want to assign it to a physical button or time based automation

HA - Wiz - Scene