Wiz_light and local DNS issues

I added the wiz_light intermigration and got it working. Then I noticed a suggestion by the Dev to add the bulbs by hostname instead of IP, to avoid losing access if the IP changes. Seems logical. However, I am using an Orbi mesh system and it looks like Netgear doesn’t provide local name resolution (many SOHO devices allow this via dnsmasq, but apparently Netgear doesn’t have it configured correctly and there are no options to change it). I decided to try using Home Assistant for DHCP and DNS services, but that is implemented as two separate packages that don’t seem to talk to each other (for this to work, dnsmasq would typically act as both DNS and DHCP).

My fallback plan is to create a DHCP reservation for each Wiz light I own (its a lot). That works…but kind of annoying approach.

Wondering if anyone else has found a better solution.

For Home assistant Local reservation is a small pain to set up, but makes the most reliable operation.

My router sees the wiz lights and names them with the WIZ_MAC address, so does internet.xfinity.com , but there is no local DNS resolution. Google home finds the lights with dynamic ip as does the wiz and home apps.

But bite the bullet, and just hard code the ips and reserve them in your router. Only have to do it once.

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