Wiz Lights

I understand that Wiz lights are now supported by Home Assistant. Currently, I’m using the HACS integration and the lights work fine. Did I need to do anything special to switch over to Home Assistant integration? Thanks for support. Gary

Uninstall the HACS version and restart. The lights should be auto discovered

Make sure your HA is updated to 2022.3 before you do this. I am using the new WiZ integration for some Philips bulbs I got at Home Depot (not Hue), and it works well.

Well wasn’t that nice. I had to delete the bulb, then delete HACS version. Reboot and then use Wiz integration and it found the bulb. (Home Depot one). Works GREAT. ! Thank you.


I had the same issue. I was getting errors when attempting to add the new WiZ integration via the UI. But I didn’t use HACS to install it, I did it manually. So if anyone else is in the same boat, here’s what I did.

To remove manually-added custom WiZ integration:

  1. Delete all WiZ devices on the Integrations page of the UI.
  2. Remove the wiz_light folder from config/custom-components path.
  3. Restart Home Assistant.
  4. Return to the Integrations page and then add the Wiz integration. It will take a minute or two to discover your devices.
  5. I had to add each discovered device one-by-one even though I had Discovery turned on.

But after that, all is well. And all my previous automations and dashboards work without additional configuration.


I have many lights so removing each light and then re-adding them was not ideal. I ended up modifying my .storage/core.config_entries file, replacing "domain": "wiz_light" with "domain": "wiz", and changing each light’s host field with the light’s IP address (the new integration doesn’t seem happy with hostnames).