WLAN, Zigbee2MQTT and Hue Bridge Channel / Network planning

I need your help and suggestions. I would like to rebuild my Zigbee network, because in the past I had problems with my Aqara sensors. After reading up a bit on the subject, I quickly realized that the problems were probably caused by a bad Zigbee network and interference with the WLAN. So my idea was to connect all sensors, Hue lamps and Zigbee devices in one network and remove the Hue Bridge.

So far I have connected all my Hue lamps via my Hue Bridge and controlled them via Home Assistant integration. All other Zigbee devices were connected to Home Assistant via Zigbee2MQTT and my Conbee II stick.

Since I also had problems with the WLAN, I configured my 3 WLAN access points so that the 2.4 GHz WLAN runs on channels 1 & 6 (WLAN AP 1 = channel 1, AP2 = channel 6, AP3 = channel 1). I set the Conbee II stick to Zigbee channel 25. Originally my Philips Hue Brige was running on Zigbee channel 25, which I have now temporarily changed to channel 11. Actually, I would replace the bridge, but then I would have to give up the entertainment features. Now I’m thinking how I can best operate the WLAN, Zigbee2MQTT and the Hue Bridge in parallel, without the networks interfere with each other? My idea would be to continue to connect all lamps via the Hue Bridge with Home Assistant and only the sensors, Zigbee plugs and other Zigbee devices via Zigbee2MQTT.

What is the easiest way to run the 3 networks in parallel? Which channels should I choose then? Is there another way to replace the Hue Bridge and still use a Hue Sync Box and entertainment features? Possibly diyHUE?

I hope for your help and ideas!

Did you find any good solution to this? I’m having everything in Z2M right now but miss some of the animated scenes I could get from the hue bridge.