Wled color wheel

I have a number of lights in my sauna that have been running great using a quinled 4. When I set them up in my HA dashboard I used a grid card configuration with 4 separate light controls. Within this there was the option to use a color control. I have this selected and when setup the default color wheel from WLED was imported.
Sometime in the past week or so the color selector has changed to a slider bar???
It is still colour control but is nowhere near as useful as the color wheel when selecting colors.
Does anyone know if a change went through in the background? And where do i go to bring the color wheel back?

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Hi Patraff,

I don’t really have an answer to your question.
But… I am looking for adressable led strips to use in a sauna and I can’t source any.
Which strips are you using for your sauna?

Morten, I tried to find the actual order that I placed without success. I order strips all the time for other peoples projects. From memory I bought the best waterproof IP rating strip from a reliable supplier - not ebay. They’ve been in for 8 months now without any issues. I just used builders glue to fix them to the underside of the seat.
Mine are hidden under the seats so i did not go for cob lights. I was considering putting a cob strip on the junction between wall and ceiling but the step lights provide enough ambience for us.