WLED Controllers in different Rooms Acting as 0ne


Newbie here. I have HA running on a Raspberry pi. Everything is working wonderfully except for this one annoying WLED issue that is probably due to something I am doing incorrectly. I have 2 WLED controllers. One in my kitchen and one in a bedroom. For some reason they are acting as one controller. If I turn on the kitchen LEDs to blue it will turn on the bedroom LEDs to blue also. If they are both on and one of them changers color, the other changes to the same color. I have an automation to turn on the kitchen LEDs when a motion detector detects motion but it also turns on the bedroom LEDs. They both have different ip addresses, assigned to different areas and have different entity names and the integration shows 2 instances of WLED. Clearly I am missing something but not sure what. Any help on this is appreciated.

Thank you.

Turn off sync in WLED

WOW! I knew it was something easy. Thank you!!!