WLED device not showing in Alexa

I’ve recently added a WLED device to home assistant and everything is working fine, except it’s not being picked up by Alexa.
I’m running home-assistant container in Docker, with the Alexa smart home skill, both of which I’ve had setup for ages. New devices have added to Alexa relatively recently and I tested the lamda function in debug mode and can see the wled light being sent back from HA in the lamda function:

          "displayCategories": [
          "cookie": {},
          "endpointId": "light#wledkitchen",
          "friendlyName": "wledkitchen",
          "description": "light.wledkitchen via Home Assistant",
          "manufacturerName": "Home Assistant",
          "additionalAttributes": {
            "manufacturer": "Home Assistant",
            "model": "light",
            "softwareVersion": "2024.1.3",
            "customIdentifier": "-light.wledkitchen"
          "capabilities": [
              "type": "AlexaInterface",
              "interface": "Alexa.PowerController",
... etc, includes BrightnessController, ColorController, EndpointHealth and Alexa interfaces

Any ideas why it then isn’t showing under my list of Alexa devices anywhere, or how I can debug further to see where it’s going wrong please?

Many thanks