WLED, Effects & Google Assistant

I’ve got WLED intergrated with HA and can turn it on and off via Google Assistant, however i’m having trouble changing the effects via voice, even though it says it’s supported.

Any idea of the correct voice command to use to change the effect?

This is what I currently have:

min_mireds: 153
max_mireds: 500
effect_list: Android,BPM,Blink,Blink Rainbow,Breathe,Chase,Chase,Chase Flash,Chase Flash Rnd,Chase Rainbow,Chase Rainbow,Chase Random,Circus,Colorful,Colorloop,Colortwinkle,Colorwaves,Dark Sparkle,Dissolve,Dissolve Rnd,Dual Scan,Dual Scanner,Dynamic,Fade,Fill Noise,Fire 2012,Fire Flicker,Fireworks,Gradient,Halloween,ICU,In In,In Out,Juggle,Lake,Lighthouse,Lightning,Loading,Mega Strobe,Merry Christmas,Meteor,Multi Comet,Noise 1,Noise 2,Noise 3,Noise 4,Oscillate,Out In,Out Out,Palette,Pride 2015,Railway,Rain,Rainbow,Rainbow Runner,Random Colors,Red & Blue,Ripple,Running,Running 2,Saw,Scan,Scanner,Smooth Meteor,Solid,Sparkle,Sparkle+,Stream,Stream 2,Strobe,Strobe Rainbow,Sweep,Sweep Random,Traffic Light,Tri Chase,Tri Fade,Tri Wipe,Twinkle,Twinklefox,Wipe,Wipe Random
intensity: 213
palette: Default
playlist: null
preset: null
speed: 168
friendly_name: Window Light
icon: mdi:led-strip-variant
supported_features: 55

I’ve tried many variations such as “Ok google, change window light effect to Sweep” - But it just comes back with web results.

I made it to the point where Google Home app on my phone communicates with HA HASSIO, but Google Home does not detect the WLED device. Can you explain how you did it? Something in the configuration.yaml file? Thanks,

Just checked my Google Home app, and both of my lights are showing in there. Have you synced devices with Google? I normally find that does the trick!


Thanks for quick response. The guide I followed to integrate Google Home with Home Assistant was not specific for WLED and is not clear how the configuration.yaml file must be edited, below is the text I entered in configuration.yaml corresponding to Google Home, please let me know what you think.

# Google Home Integration
    - switch
    - light
    - group

Were you able to make your lights work the way you wanted with SmartThings?


I tried with Smartthings, but was unable to get them to work. They showed up, but couldn’t control them. Luckily, I got them to work with HA.

I struggle with the HA and Google Assistant. I tried following the guides, but looks like everything had changed since it was written.

FWIW, I was able to setup WLED + Homeassistant + Google Assistant integration (w/ Local Fulfillment) by following docs. Seems to work so far.

I can also use the assistant to change colors of the LED strip. I only tried with the “Solid” effect, so I am not sure how it handle the pallets for other animations.