WLED Integration broken after upgrade 0.111.x?

As the title - has upgrading to HA 0.111.x broken WLED for anyone else?
Maybe some people won’t realise yet as there’s still 192 days to Christmas. :joy:
Unless it’s just me hence this is just a query at this stage.

WLED has stayed working for me on 0.111.x (currently 0.111.2)

Also broken for me. I even can’t remove integration: no error when I press delete button, but integration still in place.

UPD: Looks like relates to

Ah, so the “fix” appears to be pip install packaging
I’ll give that a try later. I downgraded back to HA 0.110.7 where WLED works fine and could also be removed if required.

As soon as I posted the above latest reply, I noticed there was a new upgrade HA 0.111.3 which included a fix for WLED

However, it still didn’t work for me. It said my problem was it couldn’t upgrade sqlalchemy==1.3.17 due to permissions error. So I manually deleted three folders relating to ~lalchemy from roaming/.homeassistant/deps/Python37/site-packages/ and started hass again. It now installed the necessary upgrade, started HA and WLED works just dandy.
What a palaver.