WLED just will not work

I have a ESP32dev board,

Have flashed WLED and connected to AP. Attempted to turn the LEDs on but I get nothing.

I have confirmed the GPIO in use is correct and have confirmed that the LED strip is getting 5v.

I’ve also reduced the number of LEDs in the settings to 2 for the purposes of testing.

Any ideas?


Do the WLED direct controls work?

The direction is wrong. The data line should follow the arrow on the strip

Ask on the wled forum. This is not the wled forum.

Where is the WLED forum?

OH damn I did not know this.

Thanks so much that was the issue!

You’ll probably find most of us have made the same mistake :joy:

I have a weird problem with a ESP32dev board that I used to flash my first WLED on, it just stopped working.

I cannot flash the board anymore, the comm shows up just will not flash. Turns out ive damaged a trace when depinning the board.

What ive found is, not matter what I cannot enter boot mode to reflash it and it also does not boot.

Connecting EN to GPIO0 has good the board to boot and the WLED AP now shows.

Is anyone familiar with the pinout and how the BOOT / EN pins work, and what wires I can solder to get it back to a functional state?

Right now I just have EN bridged to GPIO0 but still cannot flash the board via USB.


I have 2 ESPs that have the same behaviour. Unfortunatly as well, I tried all combination to boot it using USB but withtout luck. I gave up eventually and bought an ESP Huzzah instead.