WLED - MoonModules support

Can someone give me any pointers as to how I could update the existing wled plugin to allow it to look at GitHub - MoonModules/WLED: Control WS2812B and many more types of digital RGB LEDs with an ESP8266 or ESP32 over WiFi! MoonModules adds features on top of upstream. for new releases or allow the user to select a repo of their choice. It’s really annoying when the current integration is trying to “upgrade” me to the AirCookie release when all my devices run the MoonModules fork

Do you mean integration as opposed to plugin?

Possibly, might be using the wrong term. Whatever the component is that discovers the WLED instances and prompts for upgrade

Yeah I found that fille, but that just seems to build a full URL for a supplied version. I couldn’t see where it looks to discover what versions are available

My python is not that strong.

Perhaps the developers pages.

Edit: Update Entity | Home Assistant Developer Docs