WLED Neon tubelight

I’ve created a neon/TL tube style light using some 3D printed parts, an ESP8266 flashed with WLED and an acrylic tube.

The goal was to keep the entire light as slim as possible, so I ended up using a 30mm diameter acrylic tube. this was I could design a housing for the ESP8266 that was about the same diameter as the tube, keeping the design esthetic very similar to a TL light tube.

The whole thing is about 1,5m long and with WLED, it’s fully adressable down to a single LED pixel.

The light in action:

3D files and Bill of Materials:

For those interested in re-creating the project, I’ve uploaded the design to Printables.

Apart from the 3D printed parts (controller housing and end cap), you’ll need the following:

  • 30mm outer diameter acrylic tube: frosted or opal (mine is opal
  • ws2812b LED strip (mine uses 80 leds)
  • A 5V wall wart (The amperage will limit the length of your light. Mine is 4A max, so about 90 leds)
  • ESP8266 D1 Mini
  • Glue (Optional. The design should friction fit together)
  • Spray paint (Optional)
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