WLED preset effects in home assistant automations 2024.5

I have a WLED preset called Police which flashes my addressable RGB strip in red and blue. I want to use it in home assistant automation but dont seems to be able to call it.

How do I call specific effect form WLED into Home Assistant automation in 2024.5

This may be what the wLED patch was in 2024.5.5

Because that is actually not a preset but a select entity. It will be

select.<name of wled light>_preset

Change the select entity to activate the preset.

I have no idea what you mean.

The light is (light.office_desk_led)
The preset is (Police)

I tried:


nothing works. Can you be a bit more descriptive? Give an actual example please.

I have no idea what patch and specifics you are referring too. Please abbreviate!

Have you tried this approach?

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Press the round icon next to preset. You get this page

Click the gear icon

Use that entity id

Call the service

service: select.select_option
  entity_id: select.front_preset
  option: Police

This worked, thank you @Jorggs

Thank you everyone, this community forum has been awesome. Even newbies like me can do a lot of cool things without the knowledge we need, because of nice people like you all!

Compared to 2 years ago when I started I feel like PRO now :)))) just kidding!

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