WLED Segment Scenario

Like many I have a long strip of WS2812 LEDs along the roof line. These are controlled by WLED V0.10.00.

When i arrive home i want to turn on just the 10 LEDs above the door to solid amber just to light the door way.

The automation is not the issue its the segment control within WLED. If i configure a segment say LEDs 20-50 i can achieve what i want.

BUT when I then want to have an effect across the whole run i get a strange artifacting in those 20-50 LEDs making the effect look bad. Anyone else experienced this or fond a way around it?

I did consider saving preset 16 with two segments and preset 1 with one segment and calling these depending on the trigger. This works fine going from preset 1 to 16 but going from preset 16 to 1 WLED keeps two segments even though it was saved with only one…

Ideas or comments great-fully received.

Segmenting a string effectively acts as if they are individual strings, so 0-100 LEDS becomes 0-50 and 0-50 for example. So each effect preset is going to start at LED 0 for each virtual string causing you issues.

A way around this would be to not segment it and have an addressable command mode. Like ESPHome does. See: https://esphome.io/components/light/index.html#light-addressable-set-action

Looking through the WLED interfaces wiki it seems you should be able to do this with the json interface and “Seg”. https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/wiki/JSON-API

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