WLED switch between input modes

Does anybody have a solution to switch between the different WLED input modes (“normal” WLED, E131, UDP) via Home Assistant?
With this I want to switch between normal WLED, Hyperion (UDP) and LedFX (E131).

Why would you want to “switch”?
AFAIK, they can be all enabled at the same time

No. If Hyperion and LEDFX send their signals (udp + e131) at the same time, they are overriding each other, what leads into flickering leds. The only solution I found yet is to make sure that only one of them is sending signals to WLED.

Well, yeah, what I said. Both protocols are active at the same time, and that’s your issue.
Not sure if there is an API in wled to change the configuration on-the-fly to enable/disable protocols. Maybe presets?

That‘s what I was looking for, hoping that there‘s somebody who has already done this.

Did you solve this? I like to have the same setup.

Not yet, but WLED is working on including this into their API, and I’m quite optimistic that it will also be included into the Home Assistant Integration of WLED after it is added to the official API.

I solve it with this: GitHub - dmamontov/hass-ledfx: Component for deep integration LedFx from Home Assistant.
You can turn on/off the ledfx effect in HA.