Wofea smart v10 alarm

has anyone tried out this cheap esp based alarm system? I found this hack for it https://github.com/nbergont/wofea_v10_hack


Bough one and flashed it to esphome, works like a charm. I can now also use cheap 433Mhz sensors, I have 4 remotes to turn on the alarm and works well with bwalarm. I can only highly recommend it!

Do you use Wofeas remotes and 433MHz sensors or any cheap chinese 433MHz remote or sensor will work?

I’m using only the 433mhz remoted and external siren for the door sensors I have those cheap aqara zigbee sensors and philips hue for motion. But you can use any 433 sensors I believe, you just need to read the code and than flash it to the alarm.

Thank you for the info.

I bought the same hub and I like the fact that it reads most sensors that I have. I’m guessing after flashing with the new firmware, this part is not supported anymore, or?

Replying to myself: I wrote to the vendor and they confirmed that no API or anything else is user-accessible. Whenever I have the time, I will capture and try to make sense of the data it’s sending back to the mothership.
I would really like to use the functionality that it already has, i.e. flawless reception of various sensors. I have many sensors with random protocol, most of them not supported by pilight or anything else, but the V10 is able to detect them (vibration, PIR, contact, …)

Sorry, I can’t be of any help really. I only use remote controls with the hub itself. I have zigbee door and window sensors and hue motion sensors.
My alarm really works through bwalarm and that triggers the sirene of the v10. I believe that other sensors should still work, because they mostly report back as on/off dont they?

Thanks for the reply.

I had time to look the the author’s repo and it seems that indeed it can support the cheap wofea sensors that are otherwise not supported in anything else. One first needs to follow this guide https://esphome.io/components/remote_transmitter.html#remote-setting-up-rf and then replace the codes in substitutions.yaml. At least that’s the theory.
This is pretty cool, I did not know that espohome can do raw receiving and transmitting. I have plenty of sensrs that I have been unable to use.
Anyway, the raw nature of the sensors (senders) was what was keeping me away from the project, but it seems they should be supported.

I would have not given this a thought if the official app was not junk - it prevents the phone from going to sleep. Also does not work with the dark theme.

You don’t even need to build anything. Just enable logger:

  level: DEBUG

  pin: GPIO5
  dump: raw # or rc_switch

edit: https://github.com/nbergont/wofea_v10_hack/issues/2

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