Wofea smart v10 alarm

has anyone tried out this cheap esp based alarm system? I found this hack for it https://github.com/nbergont/wofea_v10_hack


Bough one and flashed it to esphome, works like a charm. I can now also use cheap 433Mhz sensors, I have 4 remotes to turn on the alarm and works well with bwalarm. I can only highly recommend it!

Do you use Wofeas remotes and 433MHz sensors or any cheap chinese 433MHz remote or sensor will work?

I’m using only the 433mhz remoted and external siren for the door sensors I have those cheap aqara zigbee sensors and philips hue for motion. But you can use any 433 sensors I believe, you just need to read the code and than flash it to the alarm.

Thank you for the info.