Won't boot with GUI, SSH or SAMBA

After running successfully for a year or so, I made some changes to my config and automations yaml-files, checked with the configuration check that everything was good and then I had to do a restart. And now it doesn’t boot up the GUI, or the SSH addon or the SAMBA addon. But I can ping the device and it respons.

One strange thing is though that ONE of my automations actually work. One of z-wave buttons actually turns of a z-wave switch. But none of the other 20+ automations works.

What’s my choices here? SSH’ing to port 222222 doesnt work either.

Anyway of accessing the files through USB? Or at least access the log-files to see what is happening.
Or do I have to face the fact and remove my SD card and see if I can see any errors in the files there?

In a situation like this, I’d plug my Pi into an HDMI monitor, grab a wireless keyboard and see what the output looks like.

Alright, I’ll try that tonight and see what happens.