Won't start after update to 2022.10.5


After update from 2022.10.4 to 2022.10.5 Home Assistant keeps waiting for integrations:
waiting on integrations to complete setup: hassio, mqtt, ios.

I’ve restored a backup from yesterday (2022.10.4) so my Home Assistant is running fine again.

How can I upgrade to the latest version?
What kind of information do you need to find the cause of the problem?

Some basic information:

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Thanks, but with hassio (with same config) on my synology nas virtual machine, i do have same update issue

Install not as described.

I’m running an rpi3 - same issue. In my case it’s all integrations that use the cloud (MyQ, Google Nest (Not nabucasa), Tuya). None of these are able to connect to the cloud services.