WONT START Edit automation.yaml through ssh or the sd card? Hass.io

Was working on the automation.yaml, and restarted home assistatant with an invalid automation file. How can i edit this now? Shamba wont share files nor will home assistant startup. Version .56

Not an expert here, but I’ve learned you can SSH to the resinOS underneath Hass.io. It gets in to developer territory, but if you’re otherwise locked out of your setup this may be your only path (I know the feeling):

did you setup samba b4 you messed the automation.yaml?
if so… start from scratch. and set samba right off the bat.
if not… get on hassio thru network folder (you might need to setup a pc for that)
open “home-assistant.log”
check for errors
fix the errors
reset HA by unplugging on homeassistant device (ex: rpi) from the wall.