Wood’s Air Conditioner through Alexa or Google home?

So I just bought this AC and now I want to integrate it into Hassio. At the moment I control it either through a remote or the app on my phone.

The product is advertised as compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa. Now, I don’t use either of those, so my experience is very limited here. From my understanding though I need additional hardware to use either of these two services (?) and that seems inefficient to just use one product.

Any input, ideas, thoughts or witchcrafts to make this happen? Can I install some kind of virtual software in Hassio to use that as a kind of middleman to control the AC?

Most remotes can be emulated in home assistant, so that’ll be easiest.

Second you could reverse engineer the app by using Packet capture (it’s an Android app)

Anyone had any luck on this?

I ended up getting a BroadLink RM4 and emulating the remote.

I first tried integrating it with Home Assistant through Google Assistant, but the only option available with that was to turn it on or off.

I MITMed the app, and it is clearly a white-labeled Tuya app.

Unfortunately they use the new encrypted Tuya API where the localkey isn’t findable. This might work though, but I frankly find it really confusing.

I also just got the above mentioned Wood’s Cortina Smart Home.
I was surprised, that so far no Home Assistant integration is available (so far) that is using the native API of the device via WiFi…

Has anybody been able to integrate it on any Smart Home platform, Python, …?

(Note: My plan b is using the my Broadlink IR. But I’d like to avoid this…)

Hey! I just bought the Cortina wifi version and had problems getting it to connect with my wifi via the Woods connect app. I called the support here in Sweden and they told me to pair it with the Tuya app instead and that worked like a charm. It now shows up in HA via the Tuya integration and I can turn it on/off, set temperature and adjust fan level to either hight or low.


Solved! Thank you so much for taking the time to spread the word about this. After switching over to the Tuya integration and app I can now control my AC through Home Assistant :slight_smile:

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